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Kids Shapes And Sizes

In addition to our collection of kids education apps, we just released a simple puzzle for Kids, namely “Kids Shapes n Sizes” which can be downloaded at Google Play.

Scaling and Rotation Support

The Kids Shapes n Sizes app main feature is a simple puzzle which can be played by most kids.

This app provides 100+ objects for kids to play with their fingers. Kids can do pinch to scale the objects or do rotation to rotate the objects. By scaling and rotating the objects, kids will try to match the target object.

The Kids Shapes n Sizes also includes sounds so kids can listen to the name of the objects.


Kids Read ABC

This month we just released a new android application to help children to learn word and letters in English. We call it Kids Read ABC.

This application will cover more than 100 words, from animals, musics, tools, house interiors, foods, fruits and common objects. The application will produce sounds and pictures to make children know more about the words.

For learning, children could first learn the words and try to build the word by dragging and dropping the correct letter to build the word. Upon successfull word building the word will be pronounced and children will have chance to try another next word.

For challenges, children could also enter the word spell activity. In this activity children will have to guess the order of the letters of the word. This activity is a little difficult, however it could speed up the learning curve since children could learn from their mistakes.

Get this free app on Google Play Store: .